Oak Dale Independent Study - a flexible option for Chico Unified School District K-5 students who enjoy independent learning.
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What is Oak Bridge K-5 Online Independent Study?

Oak Bridge K-5 provides independent study to Kindergarten through 5th grade students in the Chico Unified School District. Oak Bridge K-5 is housed at Oak Bridge Academy inside the Chico Mall.

Oak Bridge K-5 students meet with their teachers via Zoom.  Online curriculum is provided in Reading and Language Arts, Writing, Math, Social Studies or Science, and Physical Education. 


What is Expected of Parents at Oak Bridge K-5?

K-5th grade students have 30 minutes Zoom instruction daily and one on one Zoom instruction with individual students weekly. Students use online programs including Edgenuity ELA, Edgenuity Math, Edgenuity Science, Edgenuity Social Science, iReady, AR, Mystery Science, and Studies Weekly. *Supplemental packets are provided monthly for some grade to practice skills that cannot be done online.

Parents are expected to guide and check student work.