College Opportunities for Oak Bridge Students
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Students enrolled in Oak Bridge Academy may take advantage of programs that allow them to take post-secondary courses at Butte College and CSU Chico while simultaneously earning credits toward high school graduation.

The Butte College Concurrent Enrollment Program and Chico State’s High School Scholars Program also allow students access to types of courses not available through Chico Unified School District. Whether you’re looking to satisfy a high school graduation requirement, or aiming to “get a head start” on earning college credits, these programs provide exciting opportunities.


Concurrent Enrollment ProgramTop of Page

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  • About the Program
  • Enrollment Process
  • Assessments (if required)
  • Regulations

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  • Available Courses
  • Fees
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Contact Information

CUSD Policy On Alternative Graduation CreditsTop of Page

Students may earn CUSD graduation credits at a post secondary institution.