Oak Bridge Academy K-5 Independent Study
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What is Oakdale K-5 Independent Study?

Oakdale K-5 provides traditional independent study to Kindergarten through 5th grade students in the Chico Unified School District. Oakdale K-5 is housed at Oak Bridge Academy inside the Chico Mall.

Oakdale K-5 students meet with their teacher once a week. Weekly packets include assignments in Reading and Language Arts, Writing, Math, Social Studies or Science, and Physical Education. Weekly meetings allow students and parents to preview new assignments and review completed packets with the teacher. Parent commitment to becoming a home teacher is vital to student success in this program.

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Who are Oakdale K-5 Independent Study Students?

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Students participate in Oakdale for a variety of reasons.

Independent home study is an excellent option for students whose families prefer a flexible weekly schedule. Families choose this option to have more time together at home and in the community. Students can work at their own pace and lessons can be individualized to match students’ strengths or to address skills or concepts that challenge them. 

Students struggling with academic or behavior issues in their classrooms may benefit from home schooling. Students may need a break from their traditional school setting to adjust to changes in their lives. Oakdale K-5 allows them the opportunity to step out of the classroom yet continue with grade level learning at home while remaining in the school district.


What is Expected of Parents at Oakdale K-5?

Weekly meetings with the teacher are required. Parents are expected to guide and check student work. Occasionally students need to attend more than once a week to complete assessments and advanced notice is given. Parents are responsible for providing all transportation and communicating with the teacher.  

The teacher, Jennie Marsh, checks email at least once a day. She can be reached at jmarsh@chicousd.org . For convenience, Ms. Marsh also shares her cell phone number with parents of enrolled students.

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