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Part Time and Acceleration

Non-accelerated students:
Students must be enrolled at Oak Bridge in a minimum of two classes.  To avoid disruption on the sites, the classes must be either at the beginning or end of the student’s day. 
Accelerated Students:
Oak Bridge math acceleration is an opportunity for students to enroll in online curriculum instead of face-to-face instruction at one of the CUSD junior high schools.   
To be eligible to accelerate in the CUSD CPM Math sequence a student must have demonstrated exceptional proficiency by:
  • Scoring at the “Exceeded Standard” level on the SBAC-Math test,
  • Passing the end-of-course-summative assessment (or equivalent assessment as determined by site admin.) for the previous course, AND
  • Passing the previous course with a grade of A- or higher.
Accelerated students may enroll in just one class period at a time in their accelerated pathway at Oak Bridge.  Also, students may not be enrolled in more than seven total courses in their academic day. This includes any courses taken on any other site.  When an accelerated student completes an Oak Bridge Academy class, he/she may immediately enroll in another.
Acceleration must happen sequentially.  For example, a student must pass Math A before moving on to Math B.
Accelerated math students must meet the graduation credit requirements referenced in CUSD AR 6146.1:
Mathematics (beginning with the Graduating Class of 2017): 30 credits and the pupil must pass 10 credits of coursework that meets or exceeds the academic content standards for Algebra I in any of grades 7 to 12. Regardless of when the Algebra I content standards requirement is met, students must earn 30 credits in mathematics during grades 9-12.
Before enrolling in Oak Bridge classes, it is important to work with your school's counselor to verify all CSU/UC course criteria will be met.  For example, only first year World Language courses and IM1 and IM2 equivalent math courses taken prior to 9th grade count towards the UC A-G requirements.

Full Time Enrollment

Chico Unified School District student in grades 6th through 12th can enroll for 4 to 6 classes.  If a student is enrolled in 4 classes at Oak Bridge, the student is expected to be enrolled at a comprehensive site for 2 classes.  All students should be enrolled in at least 6 classes within Chico Unified.