FAQ Sheet
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chico students enrolled in Oak Bridge allowed to take classes at other CUSD schools?

Oak Bridge students may also take classes at Chico High and Pleasant Valley High. Both comprehensive high schools have award-winning Career and Technical (CTE) programs and highly regarded Music and Arts programs; we want Chico Unified students to have the best education they can find to fit their needs and interests.


Can students take online classes through Oak Bridge AND be involved in high school athletics in the Chico Unified School District?

Students may participate in athletics at the CUSD high schools. Students living in the Chico High attendance area may play sports for Chico High, and those living in the Pleasant Valley area may play at Pleasant Valley.


Can students living outside the Chico Unified School District attendance boundaries enroll in online classes at Oak Bridge?

Students residing outside of CUSD attendance boundaries may enroll full time at Oak Bridge. The enrollment process proceeds just as it would if an out-of-area student was leaving one school to attend another in Chico.


Is an Oak Bridge student who lives outside of Chico allowed to be involved in CUSD high school athletics?

Students must reside within the CUSD attendance boundaries to have access to athletic programs at Chico and Pleasant Valley High Schools.


What are some of the benefits to being enrolled in Oak Bridge’s online learning program?

  • Customized curriculum
  • One-on-one support from credentialed teachers
  • Beautiful, comfortable and caring environment in the Resource Center (available until 7:00 pm Monday-Friday)
  • Flexible scheduling that allows for concurrent college attendance or employment
  • Challenging curriculum that includes career courses
  • Assistance with resume writing, job hunting, and interviewing skills
  • College and career guidance